We all remember going through embarrassing phases in life, especially in the early 2000’s.

Whether it was an emo phase, having a crush on an imaginary vampire, aka Twilight phase or simply having an embarrassing my space profile.

But rejoice everyone, turns out we’re not the only ones that went through awkward phases in our teenage years, even some of the most famous people on the planet went through it too.

It’s exactly as they say, celebrities, they’re just like us (lol, minus a couple million $)

Take a look and let us see your most awkward phase in the comments!

1- Harry Styles

Image Credit: Myspace


2- Katy Perry

Image Credit: Myspace 
Image Credit: Myspace

3- Ke$ha

Image Credit: Myspace/ via noisy.vice.com


4- horsegirlkj aka Kendall Jenner

Image Credit: Myspace


5- Kim Kardashian

Image Credit: Myspace/ via digitaltrends.com
Image Credit: Myspace / Via digitaltrends.com


6- Kylie Jenner

Image Credit: Myspace


7- Lana Del Rey

Image Credit: Myspace
Image Credit: this-isnt-that-easy.tumblr.com


Image Credit: this isn’t that easy.tumblr.com


8- Taylor Swift

Image Credit: Myspace/ via mamamia.com.au
Image Credit: bettylurkin.tumblr.com 


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