Have you ever had the urge to know the family of your favorite celebrity? Have you ever wondered if your idol has a male/female version?

Here, we have some of the most unexpected siblings in Hollywood.

1- Penélope Cruz has an equally charming sister.

2- Brad Pitt has a brother.

3- Tom Cruise’s sister.

4- The wizard has a brother.

5- Ashton Kutcher’s brother.

6- Vanessa Hudgens is not the only hottie in the family.

7- The Los.

8- Chris Evans has a family.

9- The Olsens are not just twins.

10- Ariana Grande’s brother.

11- Lady Gaga has a little sister.

12- Hemsworths’ brother.

13-  The Efrons.

14-  The Lawrences.

15- The Johnson Sisters.

16- Taylor Lautner sweet sister.

17- Louis Tomlinson’s sister Is a beauty.

18- Mandi Gosling.

19- The Levine brother

20- Hayden Panettiere’s younger brother

21- Rihanna’s lucky brother.

22- Scarlett has a twin who both shared the screen in a film called Manny & Lo.

23- Sandra Vergara is the new Vergara.

24- Nicole isn’t the only Richie.

25- Taylor Swift’s younger brother.

26- Another Firth.

27- Jude Law’s big sis

28- The Leto Brothers.

29- The Styles Siblings.

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30- Victoria Beckham’s look alike.

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