In the honor of all fathers around the world, here is an album for Father’s Day, on June 17th, celebrating the real dads who are actually involved in the lives of their kids.

Whichever way this father-kid love is shown, this love is always unconditional. With absolutely no doubt, a real man makes a good father.

1- A good dad is a patient dad.

Image Credit: DirtyDutch

2- We pee together to stay together.

Image Credit: DirtyDutch

3- Let’s bring on the fairy within.

4- Beautiful fairy, though!

5- Daddy’s bubble bath.

Image Credit: Viralserv

6- “Where is my sticker?”

7- Multi-tasking on point.

8- A quick change never hurt any one.

9- Like father, like daughter.

Image Credit: Earthporm

10- Tea time.

Image Credit: Earthporm

11- Dad of the year.

12- Coz why not?

13- Sometimes a dad, sometimes a chair.

14- Superheros running errands.

15- Even after a long day at work.

16- Father tattooing all his kid’s drawings.

Image Credit: DirtyDutch




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