Despite the fact that the characters and superheroes we know are immortal and timeless, the Russian artist, Lesya Guseva, used her vivid imagination and came up with these beautiful and epic illustrations picturing old aging superheroes.

Lesya Guseva’s Instagram account has gained over than 28k followers in the last couple of days because of these illustrations having Spider-Man knitting with his wife, Little Mermaid when she is no longer little, Snow White finding herself a man of her own tall, and Iron Man still acting naughty.

Keep scrolling to check all the characters.


#1 Snow White And Captain America

#2 Iron Man

#3 Genie And Doctor Strange

#4 Ariel

#5 Joker

#6 Catwoman

#7 Thor

#8 Harley Quinn

#9 Superman, Pocahontas And Meeko

#10 The Flash

#11 Hulk and Loki

#12 Spider-Man

#13 Supergirl and Wonder Woman

#14 Mickey And Minnie

#15 Batman

Check out her Instagram account for more illustrations: Lesya Guseva


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